Celebration and Recognition at MLB Ballparks


Game Day USA is pleased to announce its 2014 Champions Day Celebrations at MLB ballparks: U.S. Cellular Field (White Sox), Miller Park (Brewers), Great American Ballpark (Reds), Comerica Park (Tigers), or Yankee Stadium (Yankees).

Champions Day is an on-field or special ballpark experience that is intended to recognize outstanding performance and outstanding athletes in Game Day USA spring and summer events. Last year, over 1,600 people participated in our inaugural Champions Day at US Cellular Field in Chicago.

The Champions Day event precedes a Major League Baseball game, and all participants are to have a ticket to that game in order to participate in the on-field parade or special ballpark experience. Champions Day is sure to be full of photo opportunities and lifelong memories.

For specific dates and locations, click on White Sox, Brewers, Reds, Tigers or Yankees.

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